Rotary Foundation


Each year the Rotary Club of Toowoomba’s Rotary Foundation Chairman regularly promotes the Foundation and its great work both here in Australia and overseas to Club members.

November is Foundation month, where members are encouraged to support the Foundation by becoming a Centurion or becoming a member of the Paul Harris Society. Our Club now has 8 members who are Paul Harris Society members. These people have pledged to donate $US1000 annually to The Rotary Foundation. One of these members has received Major donor recognition for contributing in total $10000. We also have one member who is a Benefactor who has informed The Rotary Foundation that his estate will make a gift to the Endowment Fund.

Our Club once again hosted the Paul Harris Dinner for our area in 2014. It was a very successful event with great speakers and fellowship and raised over $3200 for the Foundation.

In March 2013 our Club had the company of the GSE Team from Denmark who entertained our members at one of our regular meetings. Also in 2013, with the assistance of our sister Club, the Rotary Club of Mitsukaido in Japan, we successfully applied for and received a matching grant for our International Project on Tanna Island in Vanuatu.