The Rotary Club of Toowoomba is Toowoomba’s oldest Rotary Club. The Club.was Chartered on 6 October 1930 and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Brisbane. In turn the Rotary Club of Toowoomba sponsored the Rotary Club of Toowoomba City, the Rotary Club of Toowoomba Garden City, the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South, the Rotary Club of Ipswich, the Rotary Club of Gatton & Lockyer and the Rotary Club of Dalby.

Rotary Charter Rotary Charter (588 KB)

(The Brisbane Courier, Monday 24 November 1930, pg. 15).

50 Years on the Downs 50 Years on the Downs (4246 KB)

Since 1986 the Rotary Club of Toowoomba has established a sister Club relationship with the Rotary Club of Mitsukaido (Japan) in District 2820. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the Rotary Club of Toowoomba also had a Charter of Association with the Tsuruga Rotary Club in Japan.

The Rotary Club of Toowoomba celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 1990 with an Anniversary Dinner with special guests Sir Clem Renouf and Clive Berghofer MLA. Over 255 Rotarians, their partners and past members and their partners attended.

60th Anniversary 60th Anniversary (1369 KB)

Two major programs were launched in the 1990s. The inaugural Pride of Workmanship Awards were presented at a Club meeting in April 1992 and The Bowel Scan Awareness Programme began in May 1999.

Images from our 80th Birthday Celebrations in October 2010.

Presidents & Secretaries Honour Board:

1930 F.J. Paterson O. Fowler
1931 F.J. Paterson K. MacFarlane
1932 J.W. Rosbrook K. MacFarlane
1933 K. MacFarlane O. Fowler
1934 T.P. Connolly T.W. Duffill
1935 F. Gillespie N.G. Hatton
1936 C. Fortescue N.G. Hatton
1937 D. McInnes N.G. Hatton
1938 D.H.Stewart N.G. Hatton
1939 J.W. Armitage C.B. Nixon 
1940 A.A. Griffiths C.B. Nixon
1941 E. Clay C.B. Nixon
1942 E.E. Gold C.B. Nixon
1943 B.L. Pumfrey C.B. Nixon
1944 A. Collins C.B. Nixon
1945 G.R. Harrington C.B. Nixon
1946 C.B. Nixon G.R.Harrington
1947 Morgan H. Simon R.H. Trethewey
1948 A.E. King M.P. Champion
1949 K.G. Jefferies W.O. Kinane
1950 S.S. Webb W.O. Kinane
1951 A.E. Lavers J.F. McConachie
1952 H.G. Jones J.F. McConachie
1953 R. Weppner J.F. McConachie
1954 N.W. Evans D.J. Robinson
1955 C.T. Shannon F.C. Sanders
1956 D.J. Robinson F.C. Sanders
1957 W. Thompson W.M. Simon
1958 F.C. Sanders J.B. McKinstry
1959 W.M. Simon L.A. Butt
1960 J.B. McKinstry J.F. Pigott
1961 R.T. Donovan A.J. Millroy
1962 J.F. Pigott A.R. Feil
1963 L.A. Butt L.A.S. Carson
1964 C.H. Newnham T.R. Blomeley
1965 S.H. Owen P.C. Snow
1966 K.C.Bailey T.R. Blomeley
1967 J.R. Hockings D.P. Pollock
1968 J.F. McConachie A.I. Myers
1969 H.B. Jarnesen M. Coughlan
1970 A. Kerr G.W. King
1971 R.J. Sellars G.W. King
1972 J.L. Drummond E. Thorne
1973 K.W. Hutchison E.T. Evrat
1974 P.C. Snow H.F. Driver
1975 B.N. Burton B.D. Hinchliffe
1976 P.W. O'Brien K.W. Kyle
1977 H.J. Smekel D.S. Stevens
1978 L.N. Clyde J.F. Reed
1979 G.C. Vandersee M.T.M. Bond
1980 W.J. Fagg K.J. Quirk
1981 H.F. Driver H.J. Smekel
1982 R.H. Poulton H. Fowler & B. Townsend
1983 N.W. Brampton W.J. Scattini
1984 R.A. Arnold R.F. Taylor
1985 D.S. Stevens N. Backman
1986 R.W.A. Morrison B.R. Carter
1987 E.G. Potts B.J. Vettiger
1988 A.N. Fuss N. Backman
1989 E.T. Evrat P.B. Taylor
1990 L.T. Statham A. Mladenovic
1991 N. Backman P.M. Fleming
1992  R.F. Taylor B.J. Vettiger
1993 B. Manning N.J. Smart
1994 M.T.M. Bond R.J. Scott
1995 A. Mladenovic D.J. Whitehill
1996 P.M. Fleming W.M. Strong
1997 R.J. McKeon P.J. Emerson
1998 R.J. Scott P.G. Haddon
1999 R.J. Inglis S.M. Antonio
2000 D. Whitehill T. Davis 
2001 E. Wildman P. Russell
2002 T. Davis D. Snow
2003 J. Petriwskyj D. Collyer
2004 D. Snow J. Collard
2005 P. Russell S. Tanzer
2006 M. Liebke J. Young
2007 M.M. Wheatley J. Collard
2008 S. Brown S. Doyle
2009 W. Armagnacq D. Hamilton
2010 A. Tilly S. Searston
2011 G. Adamson G. James
2012 S. Doyle S. Brown
2013 N.J. Beaman A.B. Mullen
2014 M. Norman A.Twiddle
2015 S. Searston T. Blakeley & A. Mladen
2016 R. McCormack C. Clark
2017 A. Thomas A. Mladen
2018 C. Clark S. Rooney